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Emergency Articles

In the event of an emergency, multiple communication methods will be deployed to alert the community to an emergency as quickly as possible.  You may be notified of an emergency in several ways.


The Alertus Desktop Notification software provides a way for public safety personnel to relay important emergency alert information to UVa faculty, staff, and students.


The next tax-free emergency preparedness equipment period is May 25-31, 2014.  Items designated as hurricane preparedness equipment will be exempt from state sales tax.   For details, visit the Hurricane Preparedness Equipment Holiday page.


Safety of our people is the highest priority. Knowing what to do in an emergency is critical to your safety:

  • If you discover an emergency situation, call 911. Remain calm and use common sense.

  • Depending on the situation, evacuate or shelter in place. To determine your safest response, see the Emergency Procedures Poster.