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Be Informed

Accurate information about impending or actual threats or emergencies can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Encourage your student to sign up for UVA Alerts. Ask them to add your cell phone number as the secondary phone number if you'd like to receive alerts as well.

The Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer also communicates with parents on emergency-related topics. These communications occur on an as needed basis. In addition, the Division of Student Affairs through its Parents as Partners program maintains a Web site with news and information for parents and family members.  The site includes links to health and safety notices sent to students by Office of Student Affairs and the UVA Police Department. Among these are timely notices about criminal activity that has occurred on or near the University Grounds. Many common safety reminders are incorporated into these messages. You can help reinforce these reminders with your student.

  • Emergency Notification –The University employs a range of technological solutions to assist us in alerting the community to emergency situations as quickly as possible. Emergency alerts are reserved for critical incidents that pose an imminent threat to the health and safety of the University community. Your student may be alerted in several ways.
    • Fire alarm
    • Siren
    • UVA Alerts (requires student registration for text message and alternate email notification)
    • University e-mail
    • LCD and LED displays
    • Public address system announcements (where available)
    • Alertus Desktop notification (requires installation and  connection to the UVa. network)
  • Situation Updates – During an emergency, the best source of official information will be the University's Emergency Homepage. Local television and radio stations should also be relied on in severe weather situations. High-level emergencies and related schedule information will be posted on the University's home page. Key staff and student leaders, such as the Resident Staff, will also be equipped to communicate directly with students. All available forms of communication will be used to convey needed information to students.