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COVID-19 Compliance

Information and Guidance

Each member of the University Community has a shared responsibility to maintain a healthy and safe environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consistent with that responsibility, all students, faculty, and staff who will be on Grounds during the 2020-2021 academic year must comply with public health measures and University policies.

The University has established a compliance framework that is grounded in active bystander engagement and community ownership. Effective enforcement relies on commitment by students, faculty, and staff to remind one another of appropriate policies and guidelines, and to hold one another accountable. Acting as engaged bystanders to support and assist members of our shared community is the necessary first step in the University’s accountability process.

The University has defined non-compliance of University adopted public health measures, policies, or guidelines into two categories: minor and infrequent, and significant or repetitive.

Minor and infrequent non-compliance

  • Minor and infrequent non-compliance is defined as unintentional or accidental violations of the University COVID-19 related public health measures, policies, and guidelines that occur infrequently, without the intent to harm or disrupt, and result in prompt action by the offending party to enter into compliance.
  • Minor and infrequent non-compliance should be addressed at the lowest possible level; reporting is not necessary nor is it encouraged.
  • Any reported minor and infrequent non-compliance will not usually result in follow-up or formal action.

Significant or repetitive non-compliance

  • Significant non-compliance is defined as intentional or reckless violations of University COVID-19 related public health measures, policies, and guidelines. Such violations include engaging in conduct which intentionally or recklessly threatens the health or safety of the University community.
  • Repetitive non-compliance refers to repeated violations of University COVID-19 related public health measures, policies, and guidelines despite informal feedback and/or bystander engagement.
  • Significant or repetitive non-compliance may result in follow-up or formal action.

For incidents defined as significant or repetitive, a formal reporting platform will be available. Each report will undergo a review process and may result in follow-up or formal action. Members of the University community can access the formal reporting platform via the button titled “COVID-19 Compliance Reporting” located on the title bar of the University’s Emergency Management and Just Report It websites.

We all share a common goal of keeping our community healthy and safe. We cannot accomplish this goal without the full engagement and buy-in of our entire community. If you see something you should respectfully say something, and together we will make the University of Virginia a healthy and safe environment for all.