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Practice Makes Perfect

The University's spring semester test of its Emergency Notification System sent more than 140k emails and 42k texts, as well as notifications to @UVA_EM and @UVAPolice, digital screens across Grounds, desktop popups, and the Siren and Public Address System. Did you get a text? If not, update your UVA Alerts account. Students and employees can add mobile numbers and emails for family members or friends.

New Student Safety Guide

The University provides many resources to empower students to take responsibility for their own safety. From late night transportation; to confidential tools to report crimes, harassment, or intimidation; to training classes in fire safety and self defense, UVA helps students look out for themselves and each other.

The University does not take disciplinary action against students who help others get medical attention for emergencies like alcohol poisoning or drug overdose. For signs of alcohol poisoning and other safety tips read the new student safety guide.