UVA Alerts

UVA Alerts automatically sends an email to all members of the University community with a valid UVA email address when there is imminent threat from a hazard. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to register mobile phone numbers in their UVA Alerts account to receive texts. Additional email addresses can also be added.  Because UVA Alerts requires a UVA computing ID, only students and employees may have a UVA Alert account.

Message and data rates may apply. Text messages are sent on an as-needed basis. This service is provided per the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Text STOP to 226787 to cancel or HELP for tech support.

Login to Your UVA Alerts Account

Managing your UVA alerts account

Adding Parent Contacts to Student Accounts

Students can easily add parent contacts to their accounts. See the instructions below on adding an additional mobile phone number and email address to the account.

  • Not sure you can receive text messages? Read the Prerequisites.

  • Need help with the sign-up form? Read the Adding or Removing Mobile Phone Numbers and Additional Email Addresses.

  • Did you validate your devices? Learn how to complete your registration by validating your devices.

  • Want to learn more about UVA Alerts? Read the Frequently Asked Questions.


You should have your mobile phone with you during sign up. The registration process may require you to confirm your account by entering a 4-digit validation code when you add your number. This 4-digit code will be sent to your mobile phone within seconds of adding a number.

Adding or Removing Mobile Phone Numbers and Additional Email Addresses

Here's how:

  1. Go to the UVA Alerts login.

  2. On the "My Account" page you will see a field for adding a mobile phone number and another field for adding email addresses. Remember that your mobile phone number may need to be confirmed with a 4-digit code. If you do not finish the confirmation process, you will not receive emergency texts. Email addresses can easily be added and do not require any confirmation.

Confirmation for Adding Mobile Phones

Once you have registered your mobile phone, you may need to confirm the information. 

Here's how:

  1. Go to the UVA Alerts login.

  2. On the "My Account" page you will see the status of the mobile phone numbers you have added. If the status says "Not Confirmed" or "N/A," follow the instructions to finish the confirmation process.

    • When you are confirming a mobile phone, a 4-digit code may be texted to that phone. You will need to enter that 4-digit confirmation number to complete the process. 

Opt-in Lists

You can subscribe to various notification lists to receive notifications for specific locations.

Here's how:

  1. Go to the UVA Alerts login.

  2. On the Opt-In lists page, click the list you wish to subscribe to. Unless you work in UVA Health, you are automatically enrolled in "Main Grounds Emergency Notifications."

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get UVA Alerts?

The UVA Alerts service notifies of an imminent threat on the University Grounds and/or the proximate areas. Students, faculty and staff with a computing ID automatically are assigned an account and automatically receive Alerts via email. Students, faculty, and staff can add mobile phone numbers and additional emails to their accounts. Anyone else who wishes to receive UVA Alerts via text can opt-in by texting “UVA” to 226787. The shortcode subscription service expires after 365 days. Subscribers can renew their subscription by replying "START."

Why should I sign up for UVA Alerts via text?

Accurate information about impending or actual threats or emergencies can help you make good decisions to stay safe.  It is always good practice to sign up for redundant messaging. Text messages and emails will often get through in emergency situations even when phone calls will not. While the delivery time depends on your carrier, you will most likely receive these messages within seconds of transmission.

What will the UVA Alerts tell me?

A short text message will state the type of threat and indicate suggested action. Because the messages must be brief, there may be additional information on the University's emergency page (uvaemergency.virginia.edu).

I only want to receive text Alerts. Can I opt out of email Alerts?

You can opt-in or opt-out of texts, but can't opt-out of email. This is the University's way to ensure that all members of our community receive quick and accurate information in an emergency.

Will my mobile phone number be kept confidential?

Yes. UVA Alerts service mobile phone numbers are never shared or sold.

How many UVA Alerts text messages will I receive?

The exact number of UVA Alerts messages is difficult to predict, but the intention is to alert you only to emergency situations where there is an imminent threat to public safety. Occasionally, we will test the system. We always notify UVA students, faculty and staff of a test by email.

What do I need to get text Alerts and how much does it cost?

If you are a member of the UVA community with an active email address, all you need is a UVA NetBadge account and a mobile phone with text messaging capabilities. Persons outside UVA who want to subscribe to the shortcode need a mobile phone with text messaging capabilities. There is no charge to subscribers for signing up. Individual mobile phone plans may apply normal charges for the text message. Landlines and some pay-as-you-go phones will not register on the UVA Alerts system. This is a limitation of the phone providers.

What if I change my mobile phone service provider or my mobile phone number?

When you change mobile phone providers it may take a short period for the UVA Alerts system to be updated. To update your account more quickly, you may want to delete your number and re-add it with the new service provider. If your mobile phone number changes, you will need to login to UVA Alerts and update your account information. From the "My Account" page you can edit or delete existing phone numbers and email addresses.

How can UVA community members update their accounts?

Go to Log In to UVA Alerts, and from the My Account page, edit or delete existing phone numbers and email addresses.

What list am I enrolled in to receive notifications?

Unless you work in UVA Health, you are automatically enrolled in "Main Grounds Emergency Notifications."

An important reminder: The UVA Alerts text messaging service is just one of the methods the University will use to communicate emergency information. Emergency details and schedule changes will be posted on the University's emergency page at uvaemergency.virginia.edu. Alerts and information will also be tweeted on @UVA_EM@HoosSafe and @UVAPolice. Local television and radio stations should also be relied on in severe situations.

Still need help? Please contact the UVA Help Desk.