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    The Four Pillars of Emergency Preparedness

    The Office of Safety and Emergency Preparedness develops and communicates the University's key emergency policies, strategies, plans and procedures across Grounds. We help the institution MITIGATE, PLAN, RESPOND, and RECOVER from emergencies, large and small.




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"Safety is Everyone's Job"

New Associate Vice President Gloria Graham stands outside the Rotunda

Gloria Graham Named to Lead Safety and Security

A veteran law enforcement official with more than 22 years of service at higher education institutions across the nation has been named the new associate vice president for safety and security at UVA.  Gloria S. Graham, former assistant vice president for safety and security and deputy chief of police at Northwestern University, will serve as the principle administrator in planning, directing, and managing the comprehensive law enforcement, general security, workforce safety and emergency preparedness services for all components of the University.

cars on residential street caught in flood waters

Turn Around Don't Drown

More than half the deaths from flood-related drownings each year occur in vehicles. Floods are among the most common hazards in the US, but not all floods are alike. Some floods develop slowly, while flash flooding can occur in hours or minutes. Be aware of streams and other areas known to flood suddenly. The National Weather Service (NWS) has developed a campaign called “Turn around Don’t Drown,” describing the dangers of driving across flooded roads. To learn more, please visit the NWS.    


Tips for Surviving an Active Shooter Attack

An active shooter is intent on killing people in a confined and populated area, usually without a method for selecting victims other than causing the most harm in a short amount of time. Because active shooter situations evolve quickly and usually end within 10-15 minutes, people must know how to act in advance. Get in the habit of being alert to your surroundings and notice potential threats as you move through your day, especially in crowded areas. Wherever you are, identify the two nearest exits. In an active shooter situation, you must quickly determine the most reasonable way to protect your life. Seconds count.


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The University notifies registered users of an imminent threat via text message, email, and desktop alerts. UVA students and staff are eligible to register for these accounts.

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