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    The Office of Safety and Emergency Preparedness develops and communicates the University's key emergency policies, strategies, plans and procedures across Grounds. We help the institution plan, mitigate, respond, and recover from emergencies, large and small.

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"Safety is Everyone's Job"

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Rapid Flashing Beacons Enhance Crosswalk Safety by the Push of a Button

In an ongoing effort to improve pedestrian safety, the University has installed a new kind of crosswalk light warning system, called Rapid Flashing Beacons (RFBs), at 16 crosswalks in and around the University.  RFBs allow UVA to put more lights in more locations across Grounds in ways that are less invasive, easier to maintain, less disruptive to traffic – and most important – very reliable. 


Your Hands Could Save a Life

University of Virginia Dean of Students Allen Groves is known and loved by students for giving high fives around Grounds. Dean Groves also knows that the same hands that give you a high five, however, could also help save a life. 


Emergency Phones Shine a Light on Safety

Commonly known as "blue light phones," there are more than 475 emergency phones located across Grounds. These phones are intended for emergency use and provide direct contact to the police department. If you feel threatened, in danger, are experiencing an emergency, or otherwise need police or security assistance, press or pick up the nearest emergency phone.


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The University notifies registered users of an imminent threat via text message, email, and desktop alerts. U.Va. students and staff are eligible to register for these accounts.

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