Building Emergency Action Plan

Building Emergency Action Plan Overview

A Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP) is designed to provide protective actions for building occupants and visitors to take in the event of various types of emergencies.

The development of a BEAP is an important part of the emergency management system at the University of Virginia. A well-developed BEAP that is widely available to all faculty, staff, students, and visitors contributes to an individual’s ability to make informed decisions and minimizes the impacts of any potential hazards and emergencies on people, property, and university operations.

Who maintains BEAPs?

The BEAP Program is developed and administered by the University of Virginia Office of Emergency Management (UVAEM). Individual BEAPs are maintained at the building level by a Building Coordination Team. Each team is led by a Building Emergency Coordinator. UVAEM works together with the Building Emergency Action Coordinators to develop BEAPs, identify Alternate Building Emergency Coordinators and (optional) Building Safety Committee Members, and develop ways to share the BEAP with building occupants and visitors.

If a building is occupied by multiple departments, all departments should be involved in the development of the BEAP. If departments are located in multiple buildings, each building needs to have its own BEAP and Building Coordination Team.

How do I develop or update a BEAP for my building?

To develop or update a BEAP, contact [email protected]. BEAPs should be updated annually or whenever there is a change to the buildings, departments, or membership of the Building Coordination Team.