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Operations Status: Adjusted

PUBLIC HEALTH ADVISORY: The University of Virginia continues to monitor and respond to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), providing updated information and additional resources.


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    Emergency Management

    UVA's Office of Emergency Management facilitates preparedness activities, organizes and coordinates the University’s response and recovery efforts, and maintains mitigation strategies based on the hazards that make us most vulnerable.


Why Cloth Face Coverings are Important

The universal use of cloth face coverings helps stop the spread of COVID-19. The Center for Disease Control strongly recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public places, particularly where it might not be possible to maintain at leat 6 feet of physical distance from others. Face coverings help contain the wearer's respiratory droplets when she or he coughs, sneezes or even talks. 


UVA Joined Local COVID-19 Town Hall

Vice President for Safety and Security and University Police Chief Timothy Longo joined local first reponders and health experts in the Live Town Hall sponsored by the Thomas Jefferson Health District on May 8. The panel answered questions related to local COVID-19 cases and investigations, re-opening businesses, and other community questions. The full webinar is available.


UVA Moves Courses Online through June 30

Classes offered during Summer Sessions I and II will move to remote instruction. By June 1st, the Univeristy will make a decision about classes offered during Summer Session III. All in-person summer programs through June 30 are cancelled. 


Get UVA Alerts

To receive emergency text alerts, students, faculty and staff should add mobile phone numbers to their UVA Alerts account. All members of the University community with a valid UVA email are automatically enrolled to receive emergency emails; they can add emails of family/contacts. UVA members can receive desktop pop-up alerts by installing Alertus.   Everyone can receive alert notifications by downloading the safety app LiveSafe®(set location services always on).              

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