Building Evacuation Locations

In the event of an emergency, you may be asked to evacuate the building. If you are asked to evacuate or feel the need to evacuate based on the situation, remain calm, move quickly (without running), and keep out of the way of emergency personnel and equipment.

Evacuation Locations

UVA Emergency Management, University Housing and Residence Life, and UVA Environmental Health and Safety are responsible for reviewing designated evacuation locations. Evacuation locations are assessed as the need arises and at minimum, on an annual basis.

View a complete list of evacuation locations for all University buildings here.

Evacuation Guidelines

  • Leave using the nearest exit, or alternative if nearest exit is blocked.
  • Never use an elevator.
  • Take personal belongings (go-bag, keys, purse, wallet, cell phone, coat), but do not delay your exit to retrieve items.
  • Follow procedures to secure hazardous materials or equipment before leaving. 
  • If unable to exit, move to designated areas of refuge.
  • Once outside, go to the designated assembly area.
  • Do not reenter until instructed by authorities.
  • View evacuation and fire safety tips.

Shelter in Place Guidelines

  • Evaluate the situation and choose the most appropriate shelter location, for example:
    • Severe weather: go to internal, lowest area of safety away from windows.
    • Violence: lock the door and block entry; stay behind solid objects away from door.
  • Follow procedures to secure hazardous materials or equipment before leaving.
  • Move to the shelter, taking your go-bag.
  • Remain sheltered until instructed it is safe to leave.
  • Monitor media and the UVA Emergency Page for the latest information.