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Emergency Plans

The University relies on several kinds of plans to support our emergency readiness including:

  • Emergency operations plans that focus on the mechanisms for activating our response organization and assets during an actual operation;
  • Mitigation plans that focus on prevention and reduction of the impacts of hazards; and
  • Continuity of operations plans that provide for the continuation of essential functions during a disaster.

Building Occupant Emergency Plans

Occupant emergency plans are building-specific plans that are designed to protect building tenants from emergencies. The purpose of these plans is to ensure that people know what their role is and where they should go during an emergency.

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Hazard Mitigation Plan

The University of Virginia Hazard Mitigation Plan identifies hazards that may affect the University and assesses the vulnerability of the campus buildings to these hazards. Mitigation strategies have been developed and prioritized to address the vulnerabilities identified in the plan. For more information about this plan, contact UVA Emergency Management at (434) 982-0565 or

Critical Incident Management Plan

CIMP Plan The University of Virginia Critical Incident Management Plan (CIMP) provides guidance and structure to the response and actions of University academic and administrative departments in crisis situations.  *Login Required


Continuity of Operations Plan

The Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plan provides a framework to continue the University's essential functions in the event that an emergency at the University or in the region threatens operations or requires the relocation of select personnel and functions. There is an overarching enterprise COOP Plan for the University, complimented by supporting COOP plans that are department-specific.   *Login Required

Charlottesville/Albemarle/UVa Emergency Operations Plan

The University, City, and County, individually and through a coordinated effort, work to help prepare the local community for any possible emergency or critical incident and to communicate information in the event of an actual emergency or critical incident. The City of Charlottesville /Albemarle County/University of Virginia Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) provides a joint emergency response plan that combines the resources of three jurisdictions to meet any threat.