UVA to Test Emergency Notification System

Students wearing shorts and backpacks walking to class

The University will test its emergency notification system on Tuesday, June 7, from 10:50-11:00 AM. When the test is over, an "all clear" will be issued.

Before the test, UVA faculty, staff and students can add their mobile number to their UVA Alert account to receive text alerts. The general public can also opt-in to receive text alerts by texting "UVA" to 226787.

What to Expect During the Test

At approximately 10:50 AM, a test alert message will be sent through these channels:

  • Automatic email – All current students, faculty, staff, and UVA Health Team Members with a valid UVA email account will automatically receive an email.  
  • Text
    • Faculty, staff, and students who have added their mobile number to their UVA Alert account will receive a text
    • Members of the public who have opted in by texting "UVA" to 226787 will also receive a text.
  • Twitter – @UVA_EM and @UVAPolice will tweet the test.  
  • Digital Screens + LED Screens – Screens in public areas and classrooms will display a test message.
  • Online – Users on the UVA homepage or the UVA emergency homepage will see a test message. 
  • Desktop – Everyone who has installed Alertus software and is connected to the UVA network will see a test message. (Alertus is automatically installed on all classroom and UVA Health-imaged computers.)
  • Siren and Public Address - The siren and public address system can be heard from many outdoor locations on and near Grounds. 
  • VOCERA Badge and App – Select VOCERA badges and phone applications in UVA Health will receive an alert test message.   

At 11 AM "all clear" message will be sent by the same channels.   

For questions about this test or UVA's emergency notification system, contact Emergency Management at UVAEM@virginia.edu or 434-982-0565. 

For questions about the UVA Medical Center emergency notification system, contact UVA Medical Center Emergency Management at HealthSystemEM@virginia.edu or 434-982-3196.